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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)

Presentation Resources

Members of the Lewis & Clark community may use the following tips and templates for presentations on or off campus. 

Using PowerPoint (or Keynote) Wisely: A Brief Guide

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Figure out whether you really need a visual aid. Just because PowerPoint is ubiquitous doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for all jobs. Will a slide, chart, or graph really make your information clear and memorable? If not, skip the PowerPoint. Be a dynamic and charismatic speaker and people will respond! 

Never simply read your slides. Your audience can and will read on their own, so your slides shouldn’t be your script.

Make sure the audience can read the slides. Be kind and fight the impulse to overload. If you struggle with making elements fit, you probably have too much information for a single slide. Try fewer words and fewer ideas per slide.

Practice, practice, practice. Avoid using PowerPoint as an excuse for being underprepared. And, if technical difficulty strikes, would you be able to give your presentation without slides?

PowerPoint and Keynote Templates

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