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Arranging for Accommodations

Current students with a Letter already on file

What accommodations are available at Lewis & Clark?

How do I set up accommodations?

What is my role in getting the accommodations I need?

What if I suspect a learning disability?  Can I get tested?

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Current students with a Letter on file

If you have already met with someone in our office to create Accommodations Letter and you have been approved, you may request many of them here online!  Click on the links below to access the online request forms.  If you prefer paper copies or need another format, please stop by our office!

Send your Notice

Request a Notetaker

Schedule an Exam

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Range of accommodations

Depending upon your specific needs, we can set up a variety of accommodations in the classroom, in campus living, and on campus in general.  The accommodations you utilize will depend on you— you tell us and your professors in writing each semester which accommodations you are going to be using. This all starts with a meeting with one of our staff.  For a pdf list of commonly-used accommodations, click here.

Information for testing accommodations


Click here for a pdf document outlining our policies and procedures for students who take exams in our office as an accommodation.


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How do I set up accommodations?

Accommodations Flow Chart pdf file

Below is a handy flow chart that walks you through our process for undergraduate and graduate students.  You will notice that the first thing on the chart is contacting our office!  Law students, you will also start the process in our office, and we will talk you through the procedure from there.

We will ask you for documentation of your disability— this is information from a qualified licensed professional such as your doctor, therapist, psychoeducational testing, etc.  We look for recent documentation (dated within the last five years).  If you have older documentation, bring it so we can discuss it with you.  We may ask that you obtain updated testing in order to get a clear picture of your current abilities and challenges.  Your documentation must include information from a qualified professional that addresses your current functioning, diagnosis, and recommendations for appropriate accommodations.

When determining appropriate accommodations, we consider a variety of information, including our interview with you, your documentation, recommendations from other professionals, etc.  Substitution of the foreign language requirement as a disability accommodation is determined by the results of psychoeducational testing.  We generally look for at least two areas of weakness that affect foreign language learning, with at least a 15-point discrepancy between cognitive index scores and academic standard scores, or a difference of at least 30 percentile.  Come talk to us if you have questions about this.

Current students, remember to fill out your Request to Send Accommodations Letter each semester— go to the SSS home page for a pdf file to print out and turn in, or stop by our office for a paper copy.  Click here for the Online Request Form!

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 Your Role

As you can see, your active involvement is necessary in helping us provide you with the best accommodations possible for your particular needs. Please don’t be shy about checking back with us if you ask for assistance and it doesn’t seem to be coming quickly enough.

You can also see our emphasis on frequent and open communication with your professors.  They will appreciate talking with you directly about how things are going for you in class.

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