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Welcome to Portland!

October 1st, 2016

October 2nd, 2016

There are many things to do on campus and in town when you have a break from studying. Use this page to explore activities.

Lewis & Clark Current Student Events: The Bark


College Outdoors


 College Outdoors  organizes exciting trips for Lewis & Clark students. These special trips to many parts of Oregon and other states include hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, whitewater river rafting, sea kayaking, and many other activities. It’s a great way to meet friendly people and enjoy the fantastic scenery of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest!

Rock Climbing at Smith Rock

The Community Friends Program

The  Community Friends Program at Lewis & Clark College was established more than thirty years ago and has been a very strong, ongoing link between the Portland community and the college. Through this program local families and international students have the opportunity to cultivate an appreciation of how others live and view the world.

L & C Conversation Partners - improve your English by meeting Lewis & Clark students to practice conversation. 

AES Activities

Volunteer and Field Trips:


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