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Academic English Studies

Mission and Goals

The Academic English Studies (AES) program is an academically-oriented intensive English program (IEP).  We assist students in the development of essential language skills, appropriate learning strategies, and cross-cultural awareness necessary for integration into U.S. educational communities of higher education. 

The AES mission parallels that of the college and prepares students to discover the traditions of the liberal arts, to test their boundaries through ongoing exploration, and to hand on to successive generations the tools and discoveries of this quest. Thus AES equips students with the means to pursue the aims of all liberal learning: to seek knowledge for its own sake and to prepare for civic leadership.

Essential to the mission of AES are the fostering of an attitude of analytical, evaluative and critical thinking about issues that confront humans as global beings, and the promoting of excellence in teaching and scholarly creativity through professional development activities.  Support services, including the Friendship Family program, are designed along with course and civic engagement activities to immerse students into the community and into U.S. culture.

Although its primary goals are to foster students’ cognitive, affective, and linguistic growth through effective teaching, AES is also dedicated to helping cultivate a diverse community of learners composed of highly qualified students, faculty and administrators, and to contributing to the internationalization of the College of Arts and Sciences curriculum. 

The primary function of AES is to prepare international students for academic studies at Lewis & Clark or other institutions of higher education.  This goal and the nature of its student population shape and influence the AES curriculum and its instructional practices.  In addition to linguistic objectives to develop the appropriate language skills, the curriculum includes socio-cultural objectives, which address the intercultural, social and academic skills required for success in a postsecondary academic setting.  AES also provides students, for many of whom AES is their first experience in the U. S., extensive non-academic support.