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Staff Information

To our wonderful leaders and coordinators:

Welcome to our NST Staff Information page! Here you’ll find all the important information to get you prepared for leading your trip, so we can make this year’s NST the smoothest and coolest ever. Please take the time to review the entire site, print what you need, and return the information we need from you. Follow the links, and please contact us in the office, if you have any questions. Please bookmark this page, as there are no other links to it from our main site.

Nuts & Bolts

This is the revised “Bible of NST”—the document that will familiarize you with C.O.’s procedures, policies, and little details which are actually important. Read this document thoroughly, and get to know its ins and outs.

Download the Nuts & Bolts, and get started Paper copies will be provided if you’d like when you arrive.

Acknowledgment & Assumption of Risk

Student Coordinators and Assistant Leaders: You need to print and sign this document. Read it carefully, as you’ll be giving up certain legal rights.

Health & Diet Questionnaire

All staff need to fill out this document. If you’ve been on a trip with us in the past 2 years, we still have your form on file.  If you have not been on a trip with us in the past 2 years  or your medical information has changed, please click here to access the Health & Diet Questionnaire.

Arrival/Housing Information

Coming from out of town? Please click here to find information about arriving, and submit the electronic form to us. You can also find directions to Lewis & Clark here.

NST Pre & Post-Trip Assessment

All participants fill out these anonymous evaluations before and after their trips return. We will have a copy for you at staff training.

Trip Descriptions & Equipment Lists

The links below give you trip description & equipment list information about your specific trip. This is what we’ve sent to your participants, so you’ll know what they’re expecting and how they’re preparing.


Staff Training Personal Equipment List

Review this, so you know what to pack for staff training before you get here. we have put it up online and you can view it here. There will be time for pulling personal gear when you arrive.

Online Post Trip Report Submission

Please be sure to submit your Post Trip Report after your trip through Google Docs.  Ask Kate if you need the link again.

The College Outdoors Policies and Procedures Brochure

Click here and take some time looking over these important policies and procedures that we require all leaders to abide by while working with College Outdoors.

The Short List

See the descriptions of these documents in the main section of this page.