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Here’s everything you should bring for Staff Training on

Saturday & Sunday, August 16th & 17th, 2014

(and Friday, August 15th if you’re attending the new NST leader training).


  • Drivers License: for driving college vehicles
  • Sunglasses: to be cool and to reduce the squint factor
  • Raingear: optional, depending on the forecast
  • Notebook and pencils/pens: and a clipboard, if you have one
  • Water bottles: 2 liters capacity
  • Cell Phone and Charger: If you have one, please bring it. It is a lot easier to keep in contact with all of you if we can get a hold of you. Don’t forget your charger & car charger because you will need this for your trips too!
  • Coffee mug:  Save trees, bring your own, and we won’t use paper cups
  • LC ID Card: If you have one- this is your access to meals in the Bon
        Get a good night’s sleep the night before! Remember, be on time
  because we’re providing amazingly scrumptious food during these
  sessions! Saturday’s session starts at 8 AM sharp!

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