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Trips Returning Wednesday Morning: Post-Trip Information

For Surf & Hike the Oregon Coast

Trips returning to Lewis & Clark Wednesday morning, August 26th



When will I be back on campus? When can I move into my dorm? 

Expect to arrive by 10:00am Wednesday morning.  At this time you’ll work on cleaning up your gear from the trip. After your gear is cleaned up, we’ll assist you with moving any items you’ve stored with us to your residence hall. You’ll be done cleaning up and ready to move by noon.

When can I see my family and friends?

After you’ve finished gear clean-up, you can coordinate a time and place to meet family and friends. A good rendezvous spot is in front of your assigned residence hall. We suggest coordinating via cell phone with friends & family once you’re done cleaning up for your trip.


Will I miss any of New Student Orientation?

No.  We have coordinated closely to ensure you will be back and cleaned up in time to make it to the very start of NSO. New Student Orientation officially kicks off at 4pm on Wednesday giving parents and students plenty of time to get settled into campus before the activities of NSO begin.


Do you have any other questions?

Contact us:

Monday – Friday:  9am – 5pm
244 Templeton Campus Center