L&C’s Global Travel More Climate Conscious

Lewis & Clark has recently become a signatory to the CANIE Accord, a public commitment to climate action that aligns international education with global climate agreements.

Buongiorno — From the REAL Palatine Hill

Joel Martinez, associate professor of philosophy, stopped by another Palatine Hill—this one in Rome— while leading the L&C Italy overseas study program.

“The Office of Overseas and Off-Campus Programs has long been aware of the impact international travel has on the environment,” says Director Blythe Knott BA ’91. “We are committed to minimizing that impact to every degree possible. For example, we’ve recently partnered with an educational provider in Ireland that prioritizes decarbonizing the environmental impact of their programming. We also closely align our work with Lewis & Clark’s Office of Sustainability.”

As a signatory to the CANIE Accord, Lewis & Clark has committed to a variety of climate-related actions in relation to international travel. For example, Lewis & Clark has agreed to adjust, or introduce, climate-conscious travel policies to incentivize lower-carbon means of travel and reduce emissionsintensive business and academic travel.

“We’re very proud to have signed on to the CANIE Accord,” says Knott.

We look forward to using our name and influence as a top institution for study abroad to help guide our field toward a more sustainable future.”