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Neighborhood Alcohol Coalition

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Lewis & Clark College has formed a partnership with alcohol distributors and vendors in its neighboring community to assist the college in mitigating and addressing the problems and consequences to the college associated with the distribution of alcohol to its minor students.

This College Task Force will also “partner” with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Portland Police Bureau to frustrate the use of false identification to purchase alcohol by the underage drinking students of Lewis & Clark College.

This Task Force will have regular meetings throughout the academic year. There will also be informal and regular contact between all members when problems arise involving the college and it’s constituents.

Task Force Members

Barbur Liquor Store #1139

Burlingame Liquor Store

Crime Prevention Office - City of Portland

Fred Meyer - Burlingame

Market of Choice

Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)

Portland Police Bureau

Tryon Creek Grill

The Buffalo Gap


Campus Safety

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