ID Cards

The Campus Safety Office issues ID cards to Lewis & Clark College students, faculty and staff. Your ID card can be used as photo ID, to access card reader controlled buildings on campus, for use in the libraries, proof of status for merchant discounts and for use in the dining facilities.

The first ID card issued is free: if your ID card is rendered inoperable through normal wear and tear, a replacement card will be issued in exchange for the old card. A replacement card may also be obtained at no charge if the card is stolen. A police report or a report to Campus Safety stating the card was stolen is required to qualify for the free card. If a card is lost, the fee for replacement is $5. Faculty and Staff are exempt from the replacement fee.

ID’s replaced free of charge can be issued 24 hours/day.

ID’s replaced for a fee can be issued M-Su 6AM - 12AM.

If your card is lost or stolen please contact the Campus Safety Office immediately so that your card access can be deactivated to avoid unauthorized use. If you find your lost card, you may have it reactivated at Campus Safety ONLY if you have NOT replaced it with a newer card. Previously issued cards that are not the current card in use, will NOT be reactivated. Also, cards will not be reactivated over the phone unless positive identification of the caller has been verified.