Statement of Student Responsibilities

By virtue of your decision to enroll at Lewis & Clark, you are acknowledging your understanding of the expectations outlined below. Likewise, through your choice to register for classes at Lewis & Clark, you are acknowledging your agreement with the policies described below, in our publications and on our website.

1. All students are expected to be familiar with the academic and administrative regulations, procedures, and policies as outlined in the applicable catalogs and handbooks. (See hyperlinks below.)

2. All students are responsible for ensuring that the courses selected fulfill the degree requirements. To that end students are expected to consult with their academic advisor or associate dean for academic affairs and discuss course selections.

3. All students understand that Lewis & Clark reserves the right to modify the content, pedagogy, curriculum and/or mode of delivering instruction, at any time, for any courses for which they register.

4. All students are financially responsible for the costs associated with their enrollment at Lewis & Clark. Any semester balance not covered by the net proceeds of fully processed financial aid are due and payable by the semester payment due date or at the time of registration, whichever is later.

5. Students who find it necessary to withdraw from Lewis & Clark must initiate formal withdrawal by completing documentation available in the Registrar’s Office. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal or cancel a student’s financial responsibility. Neither the academic nor the financial record will reflect a student’s withdrawal unless the formal withdrawal procedures have occurred. Students who follow these procedures are eligible to have their charges pro-rated according to the policy of charge adjustment published in the applicable catalog.

6. Lewis & Clark provides educational services to students and charges the cost of these services to each individual’s student account. Non-payment of these charges will cause the student’s account to be in arrears. All students’ accounts must be in good standing in order for them to register for future semester classes.

  • Registration for future terms may be canceled as a result of an outstanding student account balance.
  • Full payment of any balance due is required to facilitate the release of these documents and/or to clear a student for class re-registration.
  • Past due balances not covered by fully processed financial aid are subject to late fees and may be referred to collection agencies.
  • Lewis & Clark reserves the right to contact current and former students using any means available, including but not limited to the individual’s cell phone and email address.

Lewis & Clark Catalogs and Handbooks