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Diversity and Inclusion


Lewis & Clark College honors the liberal arts tradition as a learning community committed to diversity and inclusion.

The Office of the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion educates, advocates, promotes, and engages the Lewis & Clark community in diversity, equity and inclusion to foster and support a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-identity college community where all feel challenged to venture from their comfort zone, feeling supported and a part of the college community, as they grow and learn.


We understand that to be inclusive in the fullest sense we must strive to embrace all kinds of diversity, including those related to race and ethnicity, social and economic standing, political conviction, intellectual persuasion, gender identity and sexual preference, religious belief, language and culture, and more.The Journey ForwardA Lewis & Clark Strategic Plan for 2020

We are building a community on and off our campus that is premised on the conviction that people learn best, and flourish the most, when they encounter perspectives, people, backgrounds, and experiences other than their own. We pursue this commitment because we know that diversity creates the best educational environment, and because inclusion speaks to our highest ideals.

The College explicitly acknowledges and affirms its conviction that diversity … on the Lewis & Clark campus provides an educational benefit for all students that can be realized only by enhancing and preserving the presence of students and education professionals from diverse backgrounds within our learning community.The Educational Benefits of DiversityApproved by the Board of Trustees, May 2007

The college pursues these commitments through a variety of programs, committees, and projects. These are different in their individual expression at our three schools, yet are bonded by the understanding that we are all enriched when we contribute to, and learn from, a community comprising people of other backgrounds and beliefs. 







Diversity and Inclusion

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