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College is expensive and finding financial assistance can be difficult and confusing. We strive to support our students in all aspects of their time at Lewis & Clark and created this page to provide some guidance on where to look for scholarships. Take a look below at some of the scholarships we have found that are targeted towards students from diverse backgrounds as well as some great resources for your own research. 

We update this list as we find more unique scholarships so keep an eye out for more opportunities here! 


Resources to help you with your own research

Everyone has unique needs and priorities when looking for scholarships. Accordingly, everyone’s scholarship search will look a little different. Here are some resources with a broad range that we thought may be useful to you. 


JLV College Counseling


A free personal college counselor and scholarship guru who understands that access to this information is a priority for all students! Check out her scholarship pages that you can tailor to your needs.

Information on scholarships for: LQBTQ+ students, military personnel and veterans, students of color, religious scholarships, international students, parents, non-traditionally aged students, disability and health scholarships, study abroad, and so much more.

She also has great information on the admissions process and many other parts of the path to higher education. Jessica was a first-generation student who ended up working in higher education for many years after graduation. 

You can find her blog here:




Diversity and Inclusion

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