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Equity and Inclusion

Anti-Racism Resources

Resource List for Anti-Racist Work

This is a running document of recommended resources from the Office of Equity and Inclusion at Lewis & Clark College. This list is not exhaustive nor encompasses all the issues facing our community and the world. This is meant to be a starting point. Maybe you are taking your first step into intentional anti-racist work or maybe you have been doing this work for a while but are looking for more. Please dive in: read, discuss, engage, grow, and evolve. When we know better, we do better. These resources are here for you to keep doing better and therefore contribute to and create a more just anti-racist world. As an educational institution we hope you are invested in life-long learning as this journey is continuous.

If you are interested in having a one on one conversation with a member of the Office of Equity and Inclusion to discuss more actions you can take, feedback you have, or to hold space for any feeling coming up around these topics please find our office hours and book an appointment here. This document is a compilation of other people’s voices and labor, we appreciate all stakeholders who contributed. If you have a resource you think should be added to this list please email This work is ongoing so all resources are welcome.

Self Care/Healing Spaces for Black People

A world in which all Black people have moved beyond surviving to flourishing. (2020, May 11). Retrieved from

Ethel’s Club (n.d.) Retrieved from

Heal Haus (n.d.) Retrieved from

Inclusive Therapists: A safer, simpler way to find care (n.d.) Retrieved from

Love Land Foundation (n.d.). Retrieved from

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (n.d.) Retrieved from

Safe Black Spaces - Services. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness. Retrieved from

The Nap Ministry (n.d.) Retrieved from

Therapy for Black Girls. Retrieved from

Womxn and Femmes of Color Healing and Support Group (n.d.). Retrieved from


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For Lewis & Clark Community Members: These titles are available to read as ebooks or in print at Watzek Library. Please check the library catalog or email for assistance.

Alexander, M. (2020). The new Jim Crow: mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness. New York: New Press.

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Seeing White (n.d.). Retrieved from

Social Media

Antiracism Center: Twitter

Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson: Facebook

Audre Lorde Project: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Black Trans Media: Twitter| Facebook

Black Women’s Blueprint: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Brittney Cooper: Twitter | Instagram

Color Of Change: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Equal Justice Initiative (EJI): Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Families Belong Together: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Feminista Jones: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

The Highlander Center: Facebook

Ijeoma Oluo: Twitter | Instagram

Jasiri X: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

The King Center: Facebook

The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

The Root: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Movement for Black Lives: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

The White Shift: Instagram

More Than a Hashtag: Instagram

Muslim Girl: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

NAACP: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

National Domestic Workers Alliance: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Portland African American Leadership Forum: Instagram

RAICES: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Racialicious: Twitter

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ): Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

United We Dream: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Walidah Imarisha: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


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Fruitvale Station (2013) Ryan Coogler. Available to rent from multiple sources.

I Am Not Your Negro (2017) Written by James Bladwin. Directed by Raoul Peck. Retrieved from

If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) Barry Jenkins. Available to rent from multiple sources.

Just Mercy (2019) Destin Daniel Cretton. Retrieved from

Lift E’vry Voice (2015, August 18). Jelsing, N. (Director) Retrieved from

National Forum on Demonstrating Care for Black Employees (2020, June 4) University of Southern California. Retrieved from:

Selma (2014) Ava DuVernay. Available to rent from multiple sources.

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (2015) Retrieved from

The Hate U Give (2018) George Tillman Jr. Available to rent from multiple sources.

When They See Us (2019) Ava DuVernay. Retrieved from

Additional Resource Lists

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Graduate School of Education and Counseling, at Lewis & Clark College Resource List for Anti-Racist Work:

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