Facilities and Resources

For institution-wide facilities information, see Facilities Services.

Undergraduate Campus

The undergraduate campus is home to Lewis & Clark’s athletics facilities, residence halls, and Watzek Library.

Academic Buildings

Academic facilities on the undergraduate campus include performance venues and many practice spaces in Evans Music Center and Fir Acres Theatre. Scientists can find state-of-the art equipment in our science buildings, including an observatory and research space that is available for both faculty and students. Artists make use of the photography studio, graphic arts laboratory, painting studio, lecture room, and drawing porch. Those studying foreign languages have the Interactive Learning Center, a digital language laboratory, at their disposal in Miller Center for the Humanities. J.R. Howard Hall, the newest academic building, sets a new standard for energy efficiency and adaptability in Lewis & Clark’s use of “green” architectural materials to minimize the building’s ecological impact.

Administrative Buildings

Frank Manor House, a 35-room Tudor-style mansion, serves as the administrative core of Lewis & Clark. It houses the offices of Admissions for the College of Arts and Sciences, the President, General Counsel, and the Business Office. Its Armstrong lounge is open to general use.

The Albany Quadrangle, named for Lewis & Clark’s origin as Albany College, was extensively renovated and expanded in 2002. It houses the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; the offices of Academic Advising, Overseas and Off-Campus Programs, Student Support Services, Health Promotion and Wellness, Summer Sessions, Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance, and the Writing Center; and the Dovecote Cafe.


Agnes Flanagan Chapel is a distinctive 16-sided structure that houses an 85-rank Casavant organ to the chapel. With seating for 600 people, the chapel serves as a meeting place for lectures, musical performances, and religious services. It also houses the office of the dean of the chapel.

Fowler Student Center

Fowler Student Center is home to two dining areas run by Bon Appétit: Fields Dining Room and the Trail Room. The Council Chamber hosts many of the major speakers who come to Lewis & Clark.

All the major undergraduate student organizations and many administrative offices directly serving students are located in Fowler. Facilities include the offices of Bon Appétit Food Service, College Outdoors, International Students and Scholars, Multicultural Affairs, the registrar for the College of Arts and Sciences, Student Activities, Student and Departmental Account Services, and Financial Aid. The Career Center and the Bookstore are also located in Fowler Student Center.

Law School

The law school’s complex overlooks Tryon Creek State Park. The Paul L. Boley Law Library is home to a collection of over half a million volumes and has been designated as a Patent and Trademark Depository Library by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Other facilities at the law school include the Chester E. McCarty Classrooms building and the Gantenbein Building, which houses law admissions, Career Services, and student organizations. The Legal Research Center houses a cafeteria, student lounge, faculty offices, research facilities, meeting rooms, and student services. Wood Hall houses the environmental and natural resources and business law programs as well as faculty and staff offices, classrooms, student organization offices, a computer lab, a reading room, and a rare books room.

Graduate Campus

In 2000, the Lewis & Clark campus was enlarged to include the 18-acre former Hamilton F. Corbett estate. This land is now the location of Rogers Hall, which was completely remodeled in 2001 and is home to the graduate programs in education and counseling. 

Cooley House

In 2001, Sue D. Cooley, widow of Edward H. Cooley, the founder and longtime head of Precision Castparts Corporation, donated the Cooley family home for use as a presidential residence. In addition to serving as the president’s home, the newly renovated Cooley House provides a venue for hosting a variety of Lewis & Clark functions.