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The charge of the IDSC is to establish and maintain consistent policies and practices related to information systems and the College’s data across the institution.  

How the IDSC Works:
  • Collects information on issues related to institutional data standards and institutional processing standards.
  • Explores options for resolving issues. 
  • Assigns work to the existing or appointed working groups as needed to meet IDSC goals. 
  • Submits recommendations on data policy and processing standards to the Deans Council for approval. 
  • As authorized by the Deans Council, makes decisions related to data and processing standards. 
  • Makes recommendations to the Dean’s Council for necessary training or additional resources needed.
Council Membership: 
  • CAS Registrar (Judy Finch)
  • GSEC Registrar (River Montijo)
  • LAW Registrar (Seneca Gray)
  • Institutional Research (Renee Orlick)
  • IT - Information Systems (Kathy Tymoczko)
  • Student and Departmental Accounts (Cheri Blatner)
  • Financial Aid (Anastacia Dillon, chair)
  • Human Resources (Holly Allen-Petersen)
  • Admissions (Becky Haas – Erica Johnson substitute)
  • Advancement (Lauren Lottman)
  • GSEC Research & Assessment (Barbara Shepperson)
  • Business & Finance (Katherine Shallenberger)


IDSC & Working Group Org Chart


IDSC Projects


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About Lewis & Clark

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