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Senior Signatures Overview

Senior Signatures




Your Signature Is Our Story


This student funded digital medium, Senior Signatures, provides Lewis & Clark College with a uniquely new, digitally interactive way to write collective history each year through graduating seniors, beginning with the Class of 2015 and continuing with each subsequent graduating senior class. 

Senior Signatures is a formally recognized student medium within the Student Media Board with written constitution, board of seniors and other undergraduate students, staff advisor, and requisite permissions to utilize the College’s web site as a gathering tool for self-identifying photos, narratives, and other links and hyperlinks submitted by seniors as part of their individual profiles.

The  Senior Signatures board manages this web site and works to curate text and other file formatted data provided by individual seniors.

Initially, Senior Signatures will be located on the College’s current web content management system, known as Live Whale.  It will have a linear look, not unlike most departmental websites in terms of how staff and faculty member profiles are displayed in a linear fashion with jpeg thumbnail photo and name opening the link to individual profiles.

This web site is designed to provide an interactive, intuitive, and robust tool for each senior to tell his/her own story (i.e. signature) about experiences as an undergraduate in a manner similar to profiles used by faculty and staff on department and program web pages at the College.

For further information about Senior Signatures, contact any member of the Senior Signatures board or Jason Feiner, Director of Student Activities at  Jason serves as adviser to numerous student groups, as well as the Student Media Board.



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