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Club Sports

Club Sports is an athletic program at Lewis & Clark College, supporting many non-NCAA affiliated sport clubs. Some clubs are associated with local leagues, regional and national governing bodies. A program of the Office of Student Activities, Club Sports provides sports and experiential leadership opportunities for many Lewis & Clark students.

Clubs are initiated and run by students, with support from staff in Student Activities, volunteer faculty/staff advisors, and coaches from the community.

Through involvement, club athletes have the opportunity to:
  1. Develop a lifelong passion for an active lifestyle
  2. Develop friendship and community
  3. Develop professional skills

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Club Sports are offered?
The program currently supports 6 clubs, totaling over 125 club athletes.
   Recognized Club Sports include:
    - Men’s and Women’s Club Rugby
    - Men’s and Women’s Ultimate Frisbee
    - Men’s Club Soccer
    - Women’s Club Lacrosse

Who can be a member?
Membership is available to student body fee-paying students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

How can you become a member?
Students should contact club leaders directly for more information about membership and practice time. The best way to to that is to visit Student Activities’ Student Organizations website and get club contact information. The Student Activities staff can also assist you with getting in contact with the clubs.

How much does it cost?
Clubs receive funding from the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark through the annual budget allocation process. In most cases, clubs expect members to help cover the cost for things like jerseys, specialized equipment, and travel. In some cases, clubs require members to participate in fundraising activities to help defray costs.

Do you need to have experience to join?
All clubs recruit members regardless of skill level and teach them the basics. No club may restrict its membership, however, only a certain number of participants are needed in competition or are eligible in accordance with league regulations. Each club is responsible for establishing a method of accommodating all of its members.

Do clubs have coaches?
Student Activities does not found or hire coaches. Therefore, coaching and instruction services vary from club to club. Most coaches either volunteer their time or receive a stipend from the club for their work.

How do you start a new club?
The first step is to apply for recognition for your proposed organization through the Office of Student Activities. The Student Activities staff will review your recognition application with you to determine if your proposed organization is either a special interest organization or truly a Club Sport.

How does the Office of Student Activities relate to Club Sports?
You will find club members practicing and competing in many different places around campus. Student Activities, located on the lower level of the Templeton Campus Center, serves as resource for club leaders and offers different resources, including:
 - Purchasing
 - Travel arrangements
 - Event scheduling
 - Club development
 - Special event planning
 - Facilitating required paperwork and clearances

Is Club Sports part of Athletics?
No. Club Sports is not a program of the Lewis & Clark College Department of Physical Education and Athletics. To learn more about that department, click here.

What other programs are available for student involvement?
As a department of the Division of Student Life, Student Activities supports several other programs designed to educate and enhance the student experience at Lewis & Clark. For more information about other programs available, visit Student Activities.

Who can I contact for more information about Club Sports?
Office of Student Activities