Become a Community Climate Leader

Are you interested in supporting climate action in your community?
Join us for this workshop!

The “Become a Community Climate Leader” workshop brings together college and high school students from front line communities throughout Oregon and Washington to train, plan, and engage in community-based climate justice work.

Through this workshop, students will be supported to complete climate justice initiatives or projects that are unique to their particular communities. Students will become part of a network of diverse community leaders who support each other’s work and will take meaningful steps toward enhancing climate education and action in our region.

The 3-day workshop will be taught August 14-16, 2023, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Lewis & Clark College. Workshop attendance is free, will include meals, a project stipend, and will be followed by ongoing mentorship, logistical support, networking opportunities, and peer support events throughout the subsequent year. This workshop is open to current high school and college students in Oregon and Washington.

Please check back for a formal detailed schedule. Please apply by June 30, we have 20 spots available. To learn more about our curriculum or apply to participate, see the information below!

3-Day Workshop schedule and content:

Day 1: Building Support Systems

  • Building Community & Relationships
  • Emergent Strategy Framework
  • Community Focused Frameworks & Tools

Day 2: Restoring Connections

  • Engagement: Art & Ecology
  • Communication
  • PNW Community Organizations Roundtable

Day 3: Sustaining Self

  • Balancing Climate Grief and Joy
  • Connecting Self with People and Place
  • Building Community Resilience

Apply Here

For more information, please contact Amy Dvorak, Sustainability Director for Lewis & Clark College, 503-768-7794.