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The Sustainability Council works to integrate sustainability into the life of the three Lewis & Clark schools. Doing so helps to develop cross-school collaborations, broaden our relationships with organizations and partners in the greater Portland area, promote student learning through hands-on work on sustainability initiatives, and effectively communicates Lewis and Clark’s commitment to sustainability.  Through this work, the Council endeavors to play an important role in implementing the sustainability and environmental education components of The Journey Forward.

Learning Committee:

The Sustainability Council has invited national sustainability expert Mitch Thomashow, to campus on April 12 and 13. The Council commissioned a report from Mitch on institution-wide curricular strengths and potential related to sustainability learning and community outreach.

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With the support of a 2015-16 SIF grant, the Council commissioned a report from a graduate faculty member, to examine opportunities for the enhancement of sustainability curriculum across the institution. This report was presented to the Sustainability Council, all three academic deans, the President as well as other members of our community. In reflecting on the feedback we received from these groups and individuals, we are enthusiastically presenting this proposal to further develop, and seek funding for, priority elements of the report. This work would be completed by an existing faculty member, through a limited-duration, stipend position amounting to approximately 10 hours of additional work for the remainder of the year. This faculty member would work directly with the existing Sustainability Director and Council but would take the lead on curriculum and working with faculty.


Operations Committee:

Reducing Single-Use Plastics

Promoting Low Carbon Activities and Initiatives - Survey


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