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  • A student-professor research team and Watzek Library staff work together to create an exhibit of modernist art and documents from Special Collections.
  • Photo by Robert Reynolds  Mollie Galloway, assistant professor of educational leadership, uncovers disturbing evidence of how some high school students equate achievement and success with cheating.
  • Gene Otani B.A. ’86 anchors a leading TV news program in Japan.

President's Letter

  • At Lewis & Clark, we have a proud tradition of moving ahead by building on our proven and rising strengths. We are now poised and ready to go even farther, this time guided by The Journey Forward:A Lewis & Clark Strategic Plan for 2020.

Leadership and Support


  • Andrew Bradburn BA ’85, Tessa Idlewine BA ’09, and Brian Drischell BA ’93: Crowds roar and cheer as celebrities walk the red carpet outside Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Cameras click staccato style and flashbulbs dazzle as reporters wrangle movie stars for live interviews at the annual Academy Awards ceremony.
  • Heidi Heitkamp J.D. ’80 is the first woman elected to represent North Dakota in either the U.S. Senate or House.
  • On September 14, 1962, a Lewis & Clark professor and 23 students—along with a representative from the Experiment in International Living—boarded a bus heading for a four-month overseas study program in Mexico. 
  • On a warm summer night in Oklahoma, members of the Seminole Nation gathered for a celebratory stomp dance. Men wore blue jeans and baseball or cowboy hats adorned with eagle, hawk, and crane feathers. A tribal elder began to sing, and the other men chanted the chorus in their native tongue. Women, dressed in skirts and blouses designed with Seminole patchwork, kept the rhythm with shell shakers fastened to their legs.
  • Tim Swinehart, a social studies teacher at Lincoln High School in Portland, was disturbed by the monster storm. But as part of a growing movement of educators committed to environmental justice, he turned the weather event into a lesson about climate literacy.


Faculty Books

  • Kim Stafford From 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do…

    Trinity University Press (2012). 256 pages.

  • Brian and Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell Doing Collaborative Research in Psychology: A Team-Based Guide

    Brian and Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, both associate professors of psychology, offer an engaging journey through the process of conducting research in their field. This hands-on guide assists undergraduates with their research—in their courses and in collaboration with faculty or graduate student mentors. Students learn how to work as a team, generate creative research ideas, design and pilot studies, recruit participants, collect and analyze data, write up results in APA style, and prepare and give formal research presentations.

    Sage Publications, 2012. 296 pages.

Alumni Books

  • Steve & i: One Photographer’s Improbable Journey With Steve Jobs

    Becky Green Aaronson B.A. ’88 coauthors the story of her husband’s encounters and friendship with Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Jeffrey Aaronson is a professional photographer who met Jobs when both were 29, and their friendship lasted more than two decades. The book includes personal anecdotes and rarely seen photos.

    Improbable Publishing, Kindle edition, 2012. 32 pages. 

  • Carlin Bruce

    Peter Ames Carlin B.A. ’85 pens a sweeping biography of Bruce Springsteen, one of America’s greatest musicians. It’s the first biography in 25 years to be written with the cooperation of Springsteen himself. With unfettered access to the artist, his family, and band members—including Clarence Clemons in his last major interview—Carlin presents a startlingly intimate and vivid portrait of a rock icon.

    Touchstone, 2012. 512 pages.

Staff Books

  • Neuschwander Left Coast Roast: A Guide to the Best Coffee and Roasters From San Francisco to Seattle

    Hanna Neuschwander, director of communications at the graduate school, writes a caffeine-fueled guide to 55 key coffee companies in Washington, Oregon, and northern California. Profiles describe each company’s background, roasting history, and style, and explain how to visit and order beans for home brewing. The book also includes notes on lingo, varieties, roasting basics, and how to brew the perfect cup of joe.

    Timber Press, 2012. 296 pages.


  • By Anna Brones B.A. ’06
    I was getting yet another opinion on my decision to travel to Afghanistan. The statement was said out of love, in an effort to remind me that I should be aware of my surroundings and behavior. Just because I was a strong, independent woman, I should be sure to remember to respect local culture. But it was also coming from someone who had never traveled to Afghanistan.

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