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Passages: Remembering Jack Howard

Lewis & Clark mourns an influential leader from its past.

Therapy Without Borders

The graduate school adds a new international track to its Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy program.

Peace Seeker

How does an emotional spark lead to transformative action? Ask Michael Graham BA ’05, a champion for Rwandan students, a campaigner against genocide, and an advocate for human rights.

A Voice for Victims

The National Crime Victim Law Institute at Lewis & Clark Law School promotes balance and fairness in a justice system that often neglects victims.

The Rhythms of Egypt

Cappella Nova, the college’s premier mixed choir, mounts its first tour outside North America.

William Stafford at One Hundred

Honoring the legacy of a beloved professor and an esteemed poet

President's Letter

Value Beyond Words

Writing is central to an educated life. So it comes as no surprise that employers and graduate schools place a high premium on those who convey ideas through clear, compelling language. Effective scientists, teachers, attorneys, and business professionals—people in all walks of life—are effective communicators.

Alumni News

Alumni Enjoy Fun-Filled Reunions

Nearly 1,000 alumni, friends, and family headed back to campus in June for a whirlwind weekend of class reunion activities, including a traditional salmon bake and barbecue plus a fun-filled carnival and more.


Professor Makes Long List for National Book Awards

Mary Szybist, associate professor of English, has made the long list for the 2013 National Book Award in Poetry with her latest collection, Incarnadine.

Tending a Garden of Science Learners

Two years ago, when students ventured outside Sierra High School in Fillmore, California, they encountered little more than piles of rock and bare dirt. Today, they are greeted with a variety of California native plants, including hummingbird sage, California poppies, manzanita, elderberry, yarrow, and deer grass—plus an array of local wildlife that have made this revived habitat their home.

From Poetry to Politics

When Barack Obama made his first presidential visit to Israel, Stephanie Beechem BA ’08 worked with Obama’s speechwriters and policy staff to help fact-check the president’s remarks.

Balancing a Sea of Change

A week’s sail from land, Kim McCoy was aboard a ship owned by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The weather worsened, tossing the vessel around like a rag doll while the captain struggled to steer clear of treacherous ice chunks called “growlers” in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary off the coast of Antarctica.

Crooning the Classics for Charity

After four decades, Rocky Blumhagen returned to the Lewis & Clark stage in June. Partnering with Susannah Mars and the Portland Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Yaki Bergman, he performed his latest fundraising revue, “Oh, Those Gershwin Boys!”

From Butte to Cairo: A Daredevil Journey

Pauls Toutonghi, associate professor of English, will dig and delve into everything—cultures, food, slang, even copper—to find the core of a story. Then he’ll dig again.


Philanthropy Leadership Dinner

The fifth annual Philanthropy Leadership Dinner was held on May 16 in the Fred and Suzanne Fields Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum. President Barry Glassner and the Board of Trustees hosted more than 200 guests to celebrate members of the Leadership Society, Heritage Society, and Elliott Circle of Friends.

Stafford Photography Exhibit

As part of the William Stafford Centennial, Lewis & Clark College Special Collections will be sponsoring a retrospective exhibit documenting William Stafford’s life and career. In addition to manuscripts, letters, artifacts, and publications, the exhibit will showcase Stafford’s lesser-known artistic work as a photographer. Between 1966 and 1993, Stafford took more than 16,000 photos— 175 of which will be featured in an interactive touch-screen exhibit in Watzek Library. (Thirty framed prints will be exhibited on the second floor of Miller Center for the Humanities.) The exhibit will open on January 21 and run through August.

Photos courtesy of the Estate of William Stafford and Lewis & Clark College Special Collections. Text by Jeremy Skinner.