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Return. Reflect. Reconnect.

Lewis & Clark Law School celebrates 100 years of excellence in legal education.

Character Builder

Actor Usman Ally transforms scholarly insight into compelling characters.

Preacher and Doc

Bob Fitch BS ’61, a noted photographer, has documented some of America’s greatest 20th-century human rights campaigns.

Science With Heart

Can a compound in red wine improve heart healing?

President's Letter

Individual Action, Collective Wisdom

Portland flies its DIY flag proudly, but even in our city Do It Yourself does not mean Do It Alone.

Alumni News

Alumni Weekend 2015 Sizzles

Nearly 1,000 alumni, friends, and family braved Portland’s record-breaking heat to attend Alumni Weekend.


The Book Keeper

Natalie Garyet BA ’10 marries her passion for poetry with her devotion to cultural conservation.

New Hampshire’s School Psychologist of the Year

Kate Grieve Ed.S. ’09 champions the academic, mental, and emotional health of students from preschool through high school.


Alumni Weekend 2015 Sizzles

Photos by Brian Foulkes

Scholarship Luncheon

Photos by Brian Foulkes

Philanthropy Dinner

Photos by Brian Foulkes 

Preacher and Doc

Photos and captions courtesy of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries.