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When Life Becomes Art

Five Lewis & Clark graduates make their mark as documentary filmmakers.

New Teachers Talk

Lewis & Clark’s mentoring program offers a lifeline to new teachers.

Crossing the Rio Grande to Study Overseas

My reflections on the 1962 Mexico program and the launch of the overseas study program.

The New Environmentalism

Lewis & Clark embraces a 21st-century vision of environmental studies that is holistic, interdisciplinary, and firmly rooted in a sense of place.

On the Job for the Community

Lewis & Clark spends 25 percent of its Federal Work-Study dollars off campus.

President's Letter

Dreaming and Daring Globally

You may well be reading this letter at the very time Marcia and I are traveling to Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong, enjoying the opportunity to deepen our connections with alumni, parents, and friends. This is our second trip to Asia in three years. Wherever we go on behalf of Lewis & Clark, our itinerary is always ambitious, our encounters are always exhilarating, and our experience is always rewarding.