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  • The array of test tubes and glass vials lining the shelves of a small, temperature-controlled chamber in the Biology-Psychology building hold hundreds of the world’s most reviled yet ecologically vital organisms: spiders.


  • Today I fly to Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport. I was so lucky to be selected to join the JASON XV Project expedition team, traveling with the scientists and production team to Barro Colorado Island and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in the middle of the Panama Canal Zone… . I will update this [Web] page with my daily journals so my fourth-grade students and students anywhere in the world can follow along “virtually.”
  • In a high-profile legal tussle over 9,200-year-old human remains, one of the most prominent attorneys is 28-year-old Rob Roy Smith J.D. ’00.
  • International Fair, one of the College’s most well-known and long-standing traditions, celebrates the rich variety of traditions and heritages from every corner of the world.
  • Jeff Ray ’82, a pit bull disguised in business attire, confronted Boise’s police chief outside the police station with TV cameras rolling. It was February 14, 2003, the day the city’s mayor had resigned in scandal.



  • Three years ago, every time I heard the word “commencement,” it reminded me of the uncertainty ahead. A few days before graduating with an econ degree in 2001, I expressed my career and life concerns to my mother. She replied, “Try to relax. Your father and I have never been able to accurately predict what would be happening in our lives two years down the road, and we’re 50 years old!”

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