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Heroes of Color

by Shelly Meyer
To many teens of color who are studying U.S. history, the long parade of textbook heroes–mostly white, mostly male–lacks relevance and vitality. But what if these students were encouraged to think critically about their textbooks, identify the missing narratives, and study their own heroes of color?
On site at the clinic (from left): Lisa LeSage, associate dean and director of business law progr...

Big Help for Small Businesses

Lewis & Clark’s Small Business Legal Clinic, located in the Old Town neighborhood of downtown Portland, is a real-world training ground that serves a real-life need: affordable legal services for hardscrabble businesses and bootstrapping entrepreneurs who couldn’t otherwise afford a lawyer.

What to Make of Boys?

A new program focuses on who boys are by nature and who they become by nurture.

Conversations with Renaissance Students

by Ellisa Valo
Some say that the current trend toward specialization in education and work has left no place for Renaissance men and women in today’s world. To those, we extend an invitation to Lewis & Clark College, where the liberal arts tradition that encourages exploration and discovery is alive and well. Meet five Renaissance students.

Mile-High Art

Lewis Sharp BA ’65 leads the Denver Art Museum to national prominence.

President's Letter

Of Reputation and Rankings

When students apply for admission to Lewis & Clark, they are affirming their values and aspirations–and ours. When faculty come here to teach, they are affirming their commitment to advancing knowledge, original thinking, and collaborative inquiry–and ours. When individuals apply to work here, they are affirming their principles–and ours.

Alumni News

Alumni Weekend ‘07 Takes Shape

Planning is in full swing for Alumni Weekend 2007, slated for October 18–21.


SAAB at 25

Since 1982, Lewis & Clark’s Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) has helped students achieve a wide variety of academic goals. With projects ranging from attending anthropology conferences to researching snails in Africa, the program has distributed more than 850 grants to undergraduate students, totaling over $900,000.

A Career on the Wild Side

It was a chance encounter with a pileated woodpecker that sparked Linda Castaneda’s fascination with wildlife.

Emmy Award–Winning Composer

In March, John Henry Kreitler snagged his 17th Emmy nomination in 16 years. “Love Is Ecstasy,” a piece he composed with his writing partner for the daytime drama Passions, received a nod in the Outstanding Original Song category for the 34th annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, airing on June 15.

A ‘Russell Rocket’ of School Reform

Jeff Rose MAT. ’97 began his career teaching fourth and fifth graders in the West Linn/Wilsonville School District. His natural leadership abilities quickly emerged, and Rose’s principal encouraged him to pursue school administration. In fall 2000, after earning his administrative credentials at Lewis & Clark, Rose jumped at the opportunity to head what was then called Russell Elementary in the Parkrose School District.

At Home in the Wide Open Spaces

For Penny Harrison JD ’87 and her friends, “You’ll want that day back!” is code for a book that isn’t worth reading. This simple shorthand has saved them a lot of wasted time over the years.

Take a Hike Seattle

Scott Leonard JD ‘07 has authored or coauthored three guides to Northwest hiking, including Take a Hike Seattle.