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Nation Focuses on Global Warming

A Lewis & Clark–based initiative captures national attention and spurs discussion of global warming solutions.

Protecting ‘A Global Good’

No place on earth is richer in biodiversity. Few places are poorer financially. How to help Madagascar raise its living standards without squandering its ecological treasures is an everyday question for these alumni.

Visible Man

Rudolph P. Byrd BA ’75, a noted African American studies scholar, has dedicated his career to exploring issues of identity.

Getting to the Core of the Matter

Faculty and students learn together in Lewis & Clark’s latest iteration of the first-year core course, Exploration and Discovery.

Sticky Business

Biologist Kellar Autumn studies what makes geckos stick

President's Letter

The Transformative Power of Science

I have always been intrigued by kaleidoscopes. I remember being fascinated by the ever-changing symmetrical patterns I saw through that magical eyepiece. Later on, when I figured out how the configuration of mirrors created those patterns, I was no less impressed by the ingenuity of mind that could conceive such a wonderful contraption and then construct it out of tin, cardboard, a bit of plastic, and a few pieces of colorful glass. If anything, my admiration for the kaleidoscope was enhanced by understanding how it worked.


Music Professor Emerita Kilbuck Mourned

Edith Kilbuck B.M. ‘52, professor emerita of music, died March 23 of respiratory failure at age 76. She served on the college faculty from 1963 until her retirement in 1989.

A Voice for the Voices of Dissent

A political scientist, poet, and former pro soccer player, Jules Boykoff writes about the suppression of dissent in America.

Drawn to Politics

Matt Wuerker BA ‘79, a political cartoonist and illustrator, is on staff at the newspaper/website Politico.