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  • By Genevieve J. Long
    On campus and off, Lewis & Clark community members are stirring up the local food culture.


  • With its international focus and highly supportive community, Lewis & Clark provides a welcoming environment for third-culture kids.
  • A new generation encounters the academic richness and cultural diversity of Vietnam

President's Letter

  • Like most of you, I approached opening my third-quarter investment statements with some dread. And as you know, that was before we endured the financial markets’ wild ride in October, the worst month in the American stock market since 1987.


  • For someone who holds a prestigious appointment at a premier cancer research center, Brad Cairns B.S. ’87 spends a lot of time staring at zebra fish.
  • Martin Waugh B.S. ’76 has created more than 100,000 captivating images of water in flight–on purpose–using ultra-highspeed digital cameras and self-designed timing and flash devices.
  • Every spring and fall, waves of salmon swim up the Columbia River to spawn. Roy Elicker J.D. ’82 strives to protect, enhance, and balance their biological and habitat needs with those of other fish and wildlife–while also keeping in mind the needs of people.
  • Amy Clay Ives B.A. ’01 had never touched an oar until she took up rowing in her first year at Lewis & Clark.
  • Television anchor Kate Kelly spent 40 minutes practicing in front of the camera, determined to coordinate the sign language she had just learned with the speed and inflection of her voice.“I don’t know how your teachers do this all day long,” she said to Jill Ellis M.Ed. ’75, cofounder and executive director of the Center for Early Intervention on Deafness (CEID) in Berkeley, California.
  • Carol Sawyer McCall, Lewis & Clark trustee since 2001, William Norman Shearer B.A. ‘31, professor emeritus of chemistry


  • In August Ryan McKinstry (B.A. ‘07) found himself, with fellow L&C graduate Avery Schmidt (B.A. ‘07), in the most surreal of circumstances when the small democratic nation of Georgia became embroiled in a conventional war against one of the most powerful armies on earth.

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