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Unforgettable Experiences

by Jeffrey Lott
In the luxury hotel business, a little adventure isn’t such a bad thing.

Something Fungi Underground

Are forests really about the trees? Peter Kennedy digs for answers.

Lifting Every Voice

Tuajuanda Jordan, a biochemist and science education advocate, is Lewis & Clark’s new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Football Fever

The Pioneer football team enjoys its best season in 35 years.

President's Letter

The Point of Departure

Standing on the deck of the S.S. President Cleveland, about to sail for Japan, Steve Crow was “scared spitless.” But he was also raring to go, this first-year student from eastern Oregon farm country. Looking across San Francisco Bay, he thought, “If I can succeed in this, nothing can get in my way.”

Alumni News

L&C Honors Outstanding Alumni

Each year, Lewis & Clark honors alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences for their outstanding accomplishments and community service. We’re proud to announce the 2012 honorees, who will receive their awards at the Alumni Honors Banquet on February 25.

In The Spirit

Homecoming and Parents Weekend 2011


Noted African American Studies Scholar Dies

Rudolph Byrd BA ’75, Goodrich C. White Professor of American Studies at Emory University

Healthy Living Through Mindfulness

When he was a novice monk, Donald Altman remembers sitting cross-legged on a low futon, swathed in saffron-colored robes. As he contemplated his vows, he became distracted by a giant-sized Cadbury milk chocolate bar that was sitting on a nearby shelf.

Advocating for Animal Protection

As Alexis Fox JD ’09 settles into the rhythm of her regular 4-mile run, she can’t help replaying the disturbing video footage in her head. At a Canadian slaughterhouse, a horse is still conscious after being hit by a stun gun. Writhing in pain in the kill box, the mare is then hoisted up by one leg to be butchered and dismembered.

Fields Leaves Enduring Legacy

Fred W. Fields, a staunch friend and advocate for Lewis & Clark for more than a quarter century, died December 13, 2011, at age 88.

A Pioneer in Space Tourism

The spaceship’s rocket ignites at 50,000 feet above the earth. In a matter of seconds, the craft accelerates to 2,500 mph—over three times the speed of sound— pinning passengers to their seats. Cobalt blue skies fade to black outside large viewing windows. The rocket engine shuts off, its roar replaced by instant quiet.

Voices of Change

Mary Clare drove cross-country over the first 100 days of the Obama administration to capture and share conversations about change.


Unforgettable Experiences

Unforgettable Experiences