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  • Rhodes Scholarship winner Katie Kowal BA ’17 sets her sights on the planet’s biggest challenge.


  • Associate Professor Dyan Watson works to ensure Black lives matter in the classroom.
  • An influential legal opinion published by the International Environmental Law Project could lead to the end of Japan’s high-seas sei whaling.
  • Ella Bock BA ’19 submits a winning entry for the Washington Post’s Annual Travel Photo Contest.
  • Assistant Professor Norma Velazquez Ulloa uses tiny fruit flies to understand big issues in behavioral genetics.
  • As part of the Teaching Excellence Program, undergraduates give feedback to professors on how to improve the classroom experience.

President's Letter

  • The “confidence to be curious.” That’s one of many things that Katie Kowal BA ’17 learned from her physics professor, Shannon O’Leary. Working with Shannon, Katie told the Oregonian, “completely changed how I see myself as a student, how I see myself as a person. In my day-to-day job now, I use curiosity to disrupt power structures— because I’m not afraid to be curious.”
  • Instead of ice and snow, several Lewis & Clark students enjoyed fun in the sun during a College Outdoors trip to central Florida over winter break. Led by Ken Clifton, professor of biology and department chair, they explored Florida’s Everglades and subtropical rivers while honing their paddleboarding, canoeing, and snorkeling skills. (Ken Clifton)


  • Dear Caleb,
    …For three years of my K-8 schooling, from 7:40 a.m. until 3:05 p.m., I was Black and invisible. I was bused across town to integrate a White school in Southeast Portland.

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