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Art for Social Change

What We Do

Our mission is to create and display art that amplifies and centers BIPoC minds and bodies acknowledging racism with the objective of social change. We intend to do this through harm reduction and prevention, relationship repair, continuous learning and listening and reflecting upon BIPoC lived experiences through stories and art. Art in relationship transforms lives, builds community, examines social constructs, raises critical consciousness and creates a more just society.

We acknowledge that racism can be unconscious or unintentional, and that identifying racism as an issue does not automatically mean those involved in the act are racist or intended the negative impact. As an anti-racism committee we vow to purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of race and color and the impact(s) they have on our organization, its systems, and its people. We will also challenge ourselves to understand and correct any inequities we may discover and gain a better understanding of ourselves during this purposeful process.

We are resolved

  • to explicitly and publicly affirm our identity as an anti-racist committee
  • that our anti-racism commitment be reflected in the life and culture of our schools through our policies, programs and practices as we continue to learn about racism
  • to develop and work to implement strategies that dismantle racism within all aspects of our department, schools, college, and society