Portland Connections (LC-PC) Council

The Lewis & Clark - Portland Connections (LC-PC) Council brings together members of the LC community who share an interest in opportunities for connection with and contributions to the well-being of the broader Portland community. The goals of the LC-PC Council are to:

  1. Enhance communication internally, through improved dialogue about Portland connections among members of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Law School, the Graduate School of Education & Counseling and Common Services;
  2. Collaboratively explore new ideas for Portland connections and opportunities through the synergistic relationships held by faculty, staff, students, and alumni from all of Lewis & Clark;
  3. Enhance communication externally, through increased visibility of L&C in the Portland community; and
  4. Help make Lewis & Clark’s resources more transparent and accessible to the Portland community.

Overall, the LC-PC Council will help fulfill the Lewis & Clark Strategic Plan’s objective to “become more connected and visible in Portland, including through volunteer, clinical, internship, and civic engagement opportunities.” Meetings will be held approximately once per semester.