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Susana Mariel Vazquez Castro

Class of 2022

My name is Mariel. I’m a 20-year old individual who is passionate about life and learning.  I come from Mexico City where I have lived 17 years of my life. I enjoy talking and meeting new people as I like to learn from their stories. This time, I will share pieces of my story.

I’ve always enjoyed keeping myself busy and getting involved in different activities. My family jokes that I only use our house as a hotel: sleep, have breakfast and go. With all the museums and spaces dedicated to learning that exist in Mexico City, there are always new courses to take and multiple events to attend.

Some of my favorite activities include laughing, moving (dancing, swimming, hula hooping or playing sports), attending concerts, eating with a slow pace and taking bus rides. In the past I have also enjoyed trekking but this is something I haven’t done often. Hopefully that will change in the future.

I like being open to trying new things. Recently that has meant searching for new ways to express ideas. Currently I’m exploring poetry and theatre. Although I don’t wish to dedicate my life exclusively to the arts, I appreciate them greatly.

A year ago, as I considered possible universities, Lewis and Clark stood out from the early stages. I was profoundly interested in its values and its constant efforts of putting them into practice. Moreover, the honesty in the communication with international students was very important for me. Its location in Portland was an additional attraction as one of my priorities was to live within an accepting community.

The question of how can I improve my contribution towards society has led my academic interests for a while. When I was young it prompted me to be interested in becoming a teacher and later it deepened my curiosity about society. Now I want to learn more about how humans learn, develop and create interpersonal relationships.

I am excited to major in Psychology or Sociology/Anthropology as I am deeply curious about individuals and the way our lives are structured. If I become a teacher, I would like to teach one of these subjects as I believe that important conversations can arise while studying them. 

At Lewis & Clark I hope to engage in a journey of deep learning. One of the experiences I enjoyed the most at UWC was connecting to other people, learning from and with them. At Lewis & Clark I hope to be able to carry on with this while I make a profound exploration of my intellectual curiosities.

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