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Faculty Technology Institute OER Deep Dive

Cost of textbooks too high? Do you wish you could customize your course materials to better suit your pedagogy? Incorporating or creating freely accessible, openly licensed educational resources (OER) into your curriculum may be the answer! The 2019 Faculty Technology Institute will include a special OER “Deep Dive” track with special sessions and dedicated project time to help you make your ideas become an awesome reality.

We’re looking for faculty interested in incorporating existing OER in an upcoming class or developing their own OER project. During the Faculty Technology Institute, the OER Deep Dive track will focus on topics ranging from finding existing OER resources to developing original content and making it available to others. In addition, we will offer extended workshops for deep dive participants on a variety of OER-related topics, universal design, digital publishing, and more. Deep dive participants will have project time each afternoon to work on their own or in small groups with dedicated technical assistance.

Faculty participants will receive a $200 stipend for Deep Dive participation and project completion. Educational Technology and Watzek Library staff will provide consultation and production support for the design and development of your project.

Participants will be required to:

  • Attend FTI OER & Accessibility track sessions as appropriate for individual project development. Another option is to attend the Open Educational Resources Symposium at Lane Community College on May 17th.
  • Redesign an existing course to use OER content and/or create your own OER project.
  • Participate in the Faculty Technology Showcase on December 5th, 2019.

To apply, complete the online proposal form.

The proposal should provide a brief description (no more than one page) of your project. Please include how you see your planned use of OER changing the learning experience for your students, learning outcomes you hope to promote, and how your participation in this workshop would benefit your teaching and potentially benefit teaching and learning for others in your department or program. Preference will be given to projects that will be used for a specific course that you will be teaching in the 2019/20 academic year. Please contact anyone in Educational Technology with questions.

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