JR Howard Mobile Lab

A laptop computer cart of 30 Windows PC laptops is available for checkout by faculty and staff for instructional use in JR Howard Hall. These Windows laptops are equipped with wireless access and computer lab software is installed. The cart is located in the Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center (SQRC) in JR Howard Room 134. Faculty and staff reserving the lab are responsible for securing equipment during use and safely returning the Mobile Lab.


Reservations for curricular classes are made through the Registrar’s office on a first-come, first-served basis. When not in use by a class, reservations for events and non-curricular training can be made through the IT Service Desk. You are welcome to reserve the cart as far ahead of time as needed. Reservations are tracked on the JR Howard Laptop calendar.

Please reserve the cart at least two business days in advance. Confirmations will be returned via email. Please review the following procedures and instructions prior to checkout. A reference copy is available in a folder inside the cart.


For curricular classes, please notify the Registrar’s Office if you no longer need the laptop cart so that it is available to other faculty. For non-curricular reservations notify the IT Service Desk at itservice@lclark.edu or 503-768-7225 if you no longer need the Laptop Cart.

Checkout & Security

  • Pick up the cart in the SQRC, JR Howard Room 134. The cart will be locked. Unlock codes are in your confirmation email.
  • Faculty will be responsible for laptop security during the entire checkout period
  • Laptops should not be left unattended in the classroom


  • Students should log out and restart computers before returning them to the cart.
  • Reconnect the laptops to the power cords when they are returned to the cart shelves.
  • Return the laptop cart to the SQRC center and plug it in so it is ready for the next class.
  • Never leave the laptop cart in the classroom unattended.


  • Laptops are frozen and will be reset to the default configuration on restart. Students will need to save their work to Google Drive or a flash drive. If a laptop isn’t working as expected, please restart it to reset it to the default configuration. This will fix many common issues.
  • Laptops will automatically connect to the PioNet-Guest network.
  • Some programs require an active connection to our Global Protect VPN: Matlab, Mathematica, ARCGIS Pro and Desktop, Stata and SPSS
  • The laptops are designed to be used outside the cart on battery power. The batteries will last approximately 8 hours.
  • For urgent classroom assistance during business hours, call the IT Service Desk at 503-768-7225. Classrooms are equipped with phones for this purpose. Notify itservice@lclark.edu of non-urgent issues.

Request Software

If you own special software that needs to be permanently installed, use this form to request installation. Please provide at least two weeks’ advance notice. All policies associated with your software’s license will be followed. Please make sure that your license allows us to install your software on multiple computers.