Google Meet

Google Meet is a videoconferencing platform included as part of the G Workplace for Education core services package. It is a web-based service that enables real-time audio and video communication for individuals and groups.

While Zoom, a comparatively more robust application, remains our fully supported (and recommended) videoconferencing solution for distance education and large group meetings, Google Meet is a lightweight video chat platform that has some distinct advantages. Being a web-based application already included in the Google Suite of online applications, it is a quick and easy solution for setting up video chats between users within our domain and recommended for one-on-one remote advising with students for faculty who do not already use Zoom and is used by many employees for ad-hoc video meetings. Sessions may be added to any Google Calendar invitation by selecting Meet from the “add conferencing” dropdown when creating a calendar event.

To get started, visit You can also get more information at the Google Meet support center.