Hypothes.is (Pilot)

Hypothesis is an easy-to-use digital social annotation tool that allows collaborative annotation and discussion of webpages and other digital texts. It enables sentence-level note taking, critique, tagging, on top of assigned readings and other documents your class can view on the web. 

Getting Started with Hypothes.is and the Pilot

Benefits of social annotation of texts include improved understanding, enhanced learning, better communication, and increased engagement. Hypothesis recently published a research white paper focused on the value of social annotation for teaching and learning.

Getting Started Resources and Workshops

Guides, Resources, and Getting Help

Hypothesis has several informative guides for faculty and students as well as a frequently asked questions page. Information about accessibility is available as well.

Hypothesis Partner Workshops

Sign up for regularly scheduled Hypothesis Partner Workshops that give quick 30 minute overviews on how to start using Hypothesis in your classes. A few of the upcoming sessions that may be of interest are listed below.