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Information Technology

Below are a list of upcoming Educational Technology events on campus. If you are interested in attending any of these events, please follow-up with the corresponding department for further information.

Annual Events

Faculty Technology Institute

Offered every Spring, the Faculty Technology Institute is a join effort of Information Technology and the Watzek Library to create a fun filled week dedicated to exploring technology in education. We hold over 40 technology workshops organized in four tracks.  There’s no need to stick to a particular track, and participants can mix and match morning workshops to come up with a schedule suited to their specific needs and interests.

We plan our schedule during the Spring term.  In a typical year, about half our schedule is made up of sessions we repeat and update each year with the other half reserved for exploring the latest trends in educational technology and hot topics here at L&C.  For more information, visit the Faculty TechnologyInstitute page.

Faculty Technology Showcase

The Faculty Technology Showcase is a Winter event in co-sponsored by Information Technology and the Library and Educational Technology Committee. It is an informal opportunity for faculty to share how they are using technology in their teaching and research. Several faculty presenters stationed around the room demonstrate and discuss their endeavors, and representatives from Information Technology and Watzek Library present new tools and resources as well.

Information Technology

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