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Digital Initiatives

Watzek Library’s Digital Services unit develops and maintains information resources and systems that support the academic activities of Lewis & Clark students and faculty. We maintain the library website, the catalog, off campus access to databases, and the library’s digital collections systems. We also collaborate with librarians, faculty and other institutions on digital projects that advance the academic mission of Lewis & Clark. Our day to day work consists of developing and managing projects, writing grant proposals, designing websites, creating metadata schemas, performing web programming and administering computer systems.

We are always interested in developing new partnerships and exploring new projects the use digital resources to further research and teaching at the College. If you have an idea for a project that might benefit from a partnership with us, please visit our project proposal page.

iPads in Education

The Apple iPad has the potential to change how faculty interact with technology for the purpose of teaching.  With the small size and touch screen, iPads can be more flexible in a classroom setting than a laptop.  With the plethora of apps (short for applications) being created for the iPad, there is tremendous potential for how this new technology can be used to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Information Technology and Watzek Library were funded to explore this potential by putting iPads in the hands of faculty across all three campuses and then partnering with these faculty to explore innovative ways they can incorporate the iPads into their teaching and learning process.

For more information, visit the iPads in Education Page or hear from the faculty themselves at the iPads in Education Blog.


Information Technology

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