Storage Recommendations

Review IT’s recommendation for best practices when moving files, storing files, and the options that are available to you.

At-a-glance Storage Recommendations


Active collaborative materials: Google Drive Clip art of three individuals collaborating on an idea


image of archival binders and a document Archival (inactive) materials: LCFiles (J:/H: Network Drive)


image of a paw print, representing Lewis and Clark's mascot, Pio, with a no sign surrounding it, ...

Personal (non-L&C related) materials: Elsewhere


Storage Matrix

Review the Storage Matrix for detailed information on your cloud and offline storage options.


As you complete these tasks, please keep in mind relevant College policies such as FERPA, Responsible Use of Technology Resources, Records Retention, Data Custodianship and Access policy.

Avoid data loss

Review the help sheet on Navigating Shared Files in Google Drive.