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lcmail Lewis & Clark College has gone Google! With this change comes a host of additional services and benefits including increased email storage (30 GB), advanced scheduling and shared calendars, and the powerful Google Docs document collaboration suite.

Top LCapps FAQs
How do I prevent messages from specific senders from being tagged as spam?
To make sure that any messages you receive from a specific person outside our domain pass through the spam filter, create an email filter using the Never send it to Spam option:
  1. In LCmail, click the gears icon > Mail settings > Filters > Create a new filter.
  2. Enter the person’s address in the From field, and then click Next Step.
  3. Select Never send it to spam, and then click Create Filter.

How do I get up to speed with LCapps?

Everyday use of the Apps suite (LCmail, LCdocs, LCcalendar, LCgroups, etc.) will be a change for many.  We recommend you set aside an hour or two to make sure you have a good grounding in any Apps you plan to use regularly.  We have a variety of options to match different learning styles:

How do I forward or set up a vacation message?

No matter what email client you use, you will need to configure forwarding or vacation settings in LCmail.  Go to and in LCmail settings you can set up a “vacation responder,” forwarding and other management tasks.  For details, refer to the Google Help Center

Can I use a desktop mail program (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc)

Yes. LCmail allows IMAP connections. 

LCmail IMAP configuration settings are:
  • mail server name:
  • account name: (be sure to include your complete email address!)
  • security settings: SSL/TLS
Outgoing configuration settings:
  • outgoing mail server:
  • authentication: normal password
  • account name: (be sure to include your complete email address!)
  • security settings: STARTTLS (some clients will call this SSL)
Can I have LCmail and another Gmail account open at the same time?

Yes.  If you enable multiple sign-in, you can have both your LCmail and your other Gmail account open in different tabs or web browser windows.

How much storage space do I get with my LCmail account?

Your email account has 30 GB of storage, 30 times the amount you had in the old system.  You’ll probably never run out of space. In fact, a heavy email user who sends and receives lots of file attachments and archives all messages might use up to 5% of this space a year, so it would take many years to use up all of the available space. Also note that Google limits the size of outgoing email messages to 25MB, so you don’t have to worry about a few large files using up your storage space.

Gmail doesn’t use folders. How do I organize my messages?

Instead of folders, LCmail has a “labels” feature. Labels are similar to folders, but are more powerful and flexible, because you can add multiple labels to a message to categorize it in several ways. For details, see the Google Help Center .

Any labels you create in Gmail will appear as folders in desktop email software such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Outlook.

Can I access LCmail using my mobile device?

Most likely.  Check Google Apps for Mobile to see if the app you wish to use has an interface that will work on your device.  You may also be able to use Google Sync services with your mobile device’s built-in apps.

How does Google address privacy and security?

Google is very concerned about the security and privacy of their user’s data.  Your personal information will only be shared with those outside Lewis & Clark with your explicit consent.  Please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy for more information.

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