Google Information and Resources

G-Suite for Education

Lewis & Clark utilizes Google’s suite of productivity applications. Below are the common Google FAQs, as well as help resources to help you make the most of these tools.


Tips and Tricks for Students


Gmail is our supported email platform. You may access your email via the web interface (, the mobile app, or a 3rd-party application such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the supported solution for managing personal calendars and scheduling meetings. Additional collaborative calendars may be created and shared. While you can specify location and room in Google Calendar, official reservation of rooms and facilities for events are handled through Conferences and Events using VEMS.

Google Classroom

While Moodle is our recommended learning management system, Google Classroom is an alternative for courses leveraging Google Docs collaboration, making it easy to organize and grade assignments as well as manage sharing.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are web-based applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations respectively. Files are saved in Google Drive and may be created and modified collaboratively in real-time. Often considered a lightweight alternative to the more feature-rich Microsoft Office applications.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage platform provided by Google. G Suite Education users are provided with unlimited storage in Google Drive which can be used for saving large files, hosting video, or creating collaborative folders and documents. While a good option for personal document storage and group collaboration, Drive is not recommended for institutional data storage, as our LCfiles network storage offers more security and robust options for data recovery when something goes wrong.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a survey administration application that allows users to create forms, surveys, and quizzes to be distributed via email or hosted online. Data submitted into Google Forms can be viewed in the Google Forms application or in a Google Sheets document save to the form creator’s Google Drive. Note: Students must click “Submit” in on the Google Form for it to be marked as completed in Google Classroom.

Google Groups (Email Lists and Beyond)

Google Groups make it easy to collaborate with a team, division, department, etc. Your group will have a common email address that can be used for group emails, online discussions and for sharing documents and calendars. Groups are automatically created for all classes and may be requested using this form.

Google Meet

Though Zoom is our supported—and recommended—videoconferencing platform, Google Hangouts Meet provides a lightweight alternative for quick and easy video, audio text chats. For more information, visit our Google Hangouts Meet information page


Blogger is our supported Blogging platform that is part of Google’s suite of applications. Users do not have access to Blogger by default, and must request access by emailing

Google Sites

Google Sites is the alternative to Moodle and LiveWhale for faculty and class web sites. Google Sites must be requested using this Request a Google Site form. Note: As of Fall 2021, we have begun our transition from Classic Google Sites to New Google Sites.

Google Takeout

Google Takeout allows you to export content in your college Google Account for backup or for use in services outside of Google.