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lcmailLewis & Clark College is tranisitioning to an e-mail system powered by Google.

With this transition comes a host of additional services and benefits including increased storage (over 7 GB), advanced scheduling and shared calendars, and the powerful Google Docs document collaboration suite. You will get all these features and still maintain your e-mail address.

This is an exciting transition, and we’re here to answer your questions. Check back to this page or follow IT on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date for new developments as they happen.

LCmail FAQs
When will I begin using LCmail?

Following a limited Beta trial period for a group of “Google Ambassadors” we will begin transitioning users in January 2012.

How do I access LCmail?

PrideMail should be accessed by logging into the LCmail portal.

What happens to the emails from my account when I begin using LCmail?


Can I have LCmail and another Gmail account open at the same time?


Can I access LCmail using my mobile device?


How much storage space do I get with my LCmail account?


What Google services are available to use with my LCmail account?


Will I get to keep my LCmail account after I leave Lewis & Clark?

Information Technology

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