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Information Technology

Migration of tilde sites

April 9th, 2012 - December 21st, 2012

A number of individuals on campus have created personal or professional websites housed in the domain, commonly referred to as tilde (~) sites.    These users have either hand-coded in html or used a website development application such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Apple iWeb to generate the content for the site.  New Media has slowly been migrating departmental and club sites away from the old website and onto LiveWhale, but has not directly approached the individual tilde site users to migrate them. 

Current tilde site users will be met with individually and given the option of creating a website in Google Sites, create a class page in Moodle, move to LiveWhale, or host their custom content outside of the lclark domain.  If possible, IT Consultants will create templates for Google Sites to allow for a variety of different uses in the L&C community.  As sites are transferred, an automatic re-direct will be placed on the legacy site to give people time to update their links and bookmarks.  Once all of the sites are transferred, will cease to exist.


System Status

  • All systems are up and functioning.

Information Technology

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