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Information Technology

Migration of calendar accounts

January 3rd, 2012 - May 25th, 2012

The current users of our calendaring system, Meeting Maker, are primarily staff, with some scattered faculty and student employees or interns.  In order to keep the transition as simple as possible, the decision was made to transfer all calendar data on one day.  This should keep staff from having to maintain two separate calendars during the transition.  The planning committee has also chosen a date in late May in order to avoid some of the busier meeting times of the year as much as possible.  Users will have to manually export their data from Meeting Maker and import it into Google Calendar.  IT staff will create helpsheets and screencasts to assist with this process, and will be available to aid with the transition. 




Determine migration method & administration policies

Complete 2/29

Compile Department lists/high end user lists

Complete 3/12

Determine Helpsheets needed

Complete 3/15

IT Pilot Group Training

Complete 4/6

Develop scripts for Migration

Complete 5/8

Develop Helpsheets

Complete 5/14

Email Departmental point people

Complete 4/30

IT Calendar Pilot

Complete 5/4

Initial email blast to Meeting Maker users re: conversion & migration

Complete 4/16

Calendar information on website

Complete 5/11

Google Mornings

Complete 5/21

Detailed email blast to Meeting Maker users re: conversion & migration

Complete 5/18

Email blast to NotifyLink users re: account settings

Complete 5/20

Faculty Technology Institute

Complete 5/18

Migrate calendar data

Complete 5/21

Make all future days in Meeting Maker into holidays

Complete 5/21

NotifyLink accounts turned off

Complete 5/25

System Status

  • All systems are up and functioning.

Information Technology

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