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Information Technology

Migration of email accounts, class lists and listservs

January 3rd, 2012 - May 7th, 2012

The current plan is to have an extended opt-in period throughout the Spring Semester, allowing the Lewis & Clark community to transfer their mail at the most convenient time for them.  All accounts not already migrated will be transferred automatically on May 7th, 2012. New employee or student accounts will be created within Google with no migration necessary starting in January of 2012.

Desktop email clients, such as Thunderbird, will have to have their account settings changed, either by the end user or by appointment with an IT staff member. Mail folders will be transferred in one of three ways, at the end user’s discretion: they can drag and drop the folders from the old account in Thunderbird to the new account, set an appointment with an IT staff member to assist them with the transfer, or IT can automatically migrate their mail and folders for them, with the caveat that there will be no human interaction to verify that all files and folders are transferred, and that it will take up to one business day from the time of request to complete the transfer.  New emails will be immediately routed to the Google account once the end user has opted to migrate.

Listservs will be replaced with Google Groups, rendering the current Majordomo service obsolete.  Automatically generated class lists will now be generated in Google, and Wayne Ohmer will manually migrate the Majordomo generated lists.

  * Accounts migrated as of 5/6:    chartpercent

Spring IT newsletter articles



Complete 1/13

Migrate listservs

Complete 12/2

News item for IT website, social media outlets and The Source

Complete 1/9

Email blast announcing opt-in beginning

Complete 1/9

Set up monitoring tools

Complete 1/3

Information table

Complete 1/17

Events calendar/digital signage

Complete 2/10

Opt-in period

Complete 5/7*

Signature files

Complete 2/10

PioLog article

Complete 2/3

Spring training

Complete 4/24

Google Mornings

Complete 5/2

PiLog advertisements


Staff Development Days

Complete 3/8

Email blast about end of opt-in period

Complete 5/6

News item for IT website, social media outlets and The Source

Complete 3/27

Non-migrated users converted to LCapps

Complete 5/8

Complete provisioning, change DNS over to Google

Complete 5/31



1 Information table

Information tables will be set up on all three campuses for the migration, at the beginning of the semester for each campus.  A Consultant and/or Google Ambassador will be present to answer questions about the migration and to offer immediate assistance for issues that arise.

 2 Spring training

During the regularly scheduled Spring Semester training, the Client Services staff will provide some in-depth classes regarding the App suite, meant to supplement the more task-oriented Google Mornings.  These classes will also be offered during the Summer Training, to provide opportunities for late adopters.

 3 Google Mornings

The training committee will offer a series of training opportunities for the L&C community about the Apps suite, focusing primarily on specific aspects or tasks.  These sessions will last approximately 45 minutes and will be offered in person (with some breakfast pastries provided) or via a webinar for the convenience of student/staff/faculty schedules.

 4 Staff Development Days

This annual event will offer multiple workshops in the Google Apps suite.  These workshops will be re-purposed for faculty for the Faculty Technology Institute in mid-May. 


System Status

  • alert

    Targeted emails, requesting personal information, have recently been received by the LC community.  If you receive one of these phishing email, delete it right away and don’t click on any links contained within the message.  If you have already clicked on the link, please reset your password immediately.  Please see the related news story for additional information. 


Information Technology

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