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Information Technology

Pilot project for IT & Google Ambassadors and marketing for full migration

To test the efficacy of the migration plan and documentation, there will be a two-part pilot project of the App suite.  The first part will involve the IT Department (including student employees) and liaisons from the Grad and Law Schools.  A second pilot group will involve departmental secretaries and resident assistants who will serve as Google Ambassadors during the actual implementation period. 

This phase will also include a marketing campaign aimed toward the L&C community, offering information as well as support for the upcoming full migration. Articles for The Source will be aimed at faculty and staff readership, while articles for the PioLog will be targeted toward the student community.

November 4th, 2011 - January 9th, 2012



IT staff informational email

Complete 11/8

PioLog article

Complete 12/2

Email blast to campus announcing migration

Complete 11/8

Test pilot IT Department

Complete 11/28

Help Desk training

Complete 1/6

IT Dept. brown bag training series

Complete 12/2

News item for IT website, social media outlets and The Source

Complete 11/8

PioLog advertisement

Complete 11/7

Email targeted Google Ambassadors

Complete 11/29

Test pilot Google Ambassadors

Complete 1/6

Google Moodle Site

Complete 12/2

Faculty Technology Showcase

Complete 12/1

Administrator informational campaign

Complete 12/6

Client Services Training/Certification


Signature files

Complete 11/30

News item for IT website, social media outlets and The Source


Google training calendar

Complete 12/16

Events calendar/digital signage



1 IT Department brown bag training series

The training committee will offer a series of training opportunities for the IT staff about certain aspects of the Apps suite. This will then serve as a pilot for the training to be offered to the community at large during the migration.

Update: These are scheduled for Nov. 7th & 18th and Dec. 2nd & 16th.


2 News item for IT website, social media outlets and The Source

The first news item will announce the adoption of Google Apps for Education, focusing on the migration of email accounts and will provide links to the informational website.  This information will be replicated fora PioLog article.


3 Google Moodle site

The Training Committee will create a site within Moodle, the Learning Management System in use at the college, with links to the informational site as well as Q&A forums that will be moderated by the Client Services Consultants.  It will be available during the Pilot Programs for participants and formalized by mid-December for use by the general L&C Community.

Update: This has been created and is in use for the pilot group as of 11/9.


4 Faculty Technology Showcase

This annual event will include Faculty who are currently using Google Apps on their own for instructional purposes in order to encourage adoption for other curricular uses. IT will also have an informational table for attendees to ask questions and see demos.


5 Signature files

Miranda Carney-Morris will generate a Signature File for IT staff to include in emails to L&C community members, announcing and encouraging the opt-in to Google.


6 News item for IT website, social media outlets and The Source

The second news item will provide further resources and remind people of the upcoming migration.  It will also feature some of the information gleaned from the Pilot Projects and information about the Google Ambassadors for the various areas.


7 Google training calendar

A training calendar will be created outlining the Google-specific training options available during the migration period.  This will serve in addition to the full training schedule on the IT web site, focusing solely on the Google training.