Information Technology

Spring Cleaning Campaign

Google has announced the end of unlimited storage for its education customers and we are asking everyone to do their part to get us under the new 100TB shared storage limit.

Our Spring Cleaning campaign is over, but many of these same tips and tricks will be useful for when IT starts to roll out individual storage quotas or as you find you need to manage your Google storage.  Please note, that even with the storage changes, we still encourage you to use Google as the platform for your academic collaborative needs.

Want to know how much storage you’re currently using?

Go to

Our current recommendation is to aim for 15GB of storage



Reduce Google storage

Getting started with storage reduction

Video: delete archived emails

Video: delete emails by date

Video: delete emails in spam

Video: delete files by date

Video: delete files by size

Video: delete Google photos

Guidelines and Recommendations

Spring Cleaning Results

IT’s Spring Cleaning campaign to encourage folks to reduce their digital clutter wrapped up on May 31st. Thank you to everyone who participated. May winners are still being tabulated.


  2/28 3/31 4/30


Gmail  24.85 25.13 25.51 25.52
Drive 101.74 104.05 102.98 101.14
Photos  11.09 11.53 12.16 12.57
Total 137.69 140.72 140.66 139.23




Anthony Clerici, Janet Wolff, Anna Haagenson
(98 other accounts also qualified to be entered for the grand prize drawing in June by reducing their storage by 25% or greater!)


Katherine Koon, Kristin Baker, and Aidan O’Dwyer
(60 other accounts qualified for grand prize drawing)