Information Technology

Google Storage Reduction

In a major change to its offering for schools and students, Google will no longer offer unlimited storage to educational institutions beginning in July of 2022. 

Starting July 2022 schools will be given a limited amount of pooled storage (100 TB) to be shared shared among all users and across all Google Applications, including Drive, Mail, and Photos. Below is information about IT’s current, future, and completed plans to reduce and maintain a sustainable level of Google digital storage.



  • Work with faculty to set up Shared Drives for research projects to avoid data loss
  • Begin process to delete suspended former student accounts on July 1 with helpsheets to avoid data loss with the deletion of these accounts.
  • Establish individual storage quotas
  • Share best practices for storage by file type with a comprehensive list of supported file storage solutions


  • Provide ongoing training, helpsheets, and communication about effective data storage practices


  • Notify the community and Google Photos users of the decision to turn off the Google Photos service on July 1 with helpsheets on how to save/download photos.
  • Make an informed decision on the continued availability of the Google Photos app.
  • Meetings with video super-users to assess needs and recommend alternative storage and streaming solutions
  • Roll out a Spring Cleaning Campaign to help users review and remove unnecessary files in Gmail and Drive along with help sheets and videos and a contest to reduce storage
  • Analysis of current storage usage with reporting tools
  • Information and Introductory email about changes coming in Google to employees and students