LC Email Information

Your E-mail Account

As a new student or employee of the college, you will need to activate your e-mail account through our account management web page. You must read and agree to the Responsible Use of Technology Resources policy in order to complete the activation process.

People who have joined the L&C community after May of 2020 will have logins generated for them automatically, distinct from their usernames in order to better serve our constituents who change their name while part of the community. They may choose an email alias in order to better represent their identity for email purposes, but will use the assigned login to access college resources where a login is required.

If you need to find out to whom an email belongs and you are part of the community, you can type it into the compose or contacts area in Gmail and it will autocomplete with the person’s name.

Accessing Your E-mail

Information Technology supports IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) as our preferred e-mail protocol. Using IMAP, your e-mail is stored on the central mail server and you will be able to check your mail from virtually any computer on- or off-campus. Our primary supported e-mail clients are GMail (web client available through any web browser) and Thunderbird (for both Macintosh and Windows).

If you choose to configure another e-mail program the basic settings are:

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:**
Security Settings: SSL/TLS